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Welcome to, an educational resource that will help you identify and learn about the medicines you and your loved ones are prescribed. We have assembled some pill identification reference tools for you. Our Common Imprints detail some of the more commonly prescribed drugs:

We plan to continue giving drug identification imprints for other medications. If you can't find your pill imprint in our lists, we have assembled links to other Pill Identification resources. If you don't like to research, we also have interactive forums for the discussion of new medicines, pill identification, and prescription and OTC drugs. Feel free to ask a question or answer a question. Or provide helpful comments regarding new medicines. Or tell us what you would like to see on our site. Take a look around our site and read about us.


Congratulations to both the US Food and Drug Administration and

During 2006 the FDA celebrates its 100th year of service to the American people. The agency came into existence June 1906 when the Food and Drugs Act became law. At that time the FDA was known as the Bureau of Chemistry and was under the Department of Agriculture. The FDA is now part of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The FDA has many events planned for its centennial celebrations. Please refer to the FDA News Release - January 4, 2006 for more information. celebrates its first year anniversary January 9, 2005, when the Welcome to article was published. The website went online later in the month and has grown from a handful of members to over 2,800 members.

Our mission at is "to help educate you about the medicines you and your loved ones are prescribed." We trust we are helping since we continue to grow and attract members with world-class problem solving skills. If our members can't identify your pill, it's either because the imprint is foreign, obscure, nonexistent or not yet published anywhere. And the team has assembled links to make it easy for you to find credible pill identification and health/drug information among the myriad of internet medical websites. Our team will continue to add resources for you, the consumer.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Do you sell drugs? How do I order?

  • We do not sell any medications.

    We are an information website only. Access to our website costs nothing. You will never be asked for fees, donations or any other charges.

Is someone here all the time to answer my question? What if it's an emergency?



  • If you think you have a poisoning emergency, call 911.


  • If you are not sure it's urgent but need an answer now, call your doctor or call poison control at 1-800-222-1222. DO NOT post a question and wait for an answer.

Do you endorse the medications you write about?

  • We do not endorse any medications mentioned on this website. We are providing links to credible medical resources for the reader to learn about various medicines, both brand names and generics. When reporting on new drugs approved by the FDA, we will include the manufacturer's website for its new medication if a website exists. And we provide links to manufacturers' websites in our Common Imprints section for the reader's convenience. We are not endorsing any products or any manufacturers.


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Contact Us

Please do not email requests for pill identification, it only takes a second to register and post your question in the pill identification forum. Questions and comments regarding our website contents (including forum contents), privacy policy or disclaimers:

Additions, deletions and corrections to our Common Imprints section:

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'Most Wanted' Imprints

We've had a few comments from our pill identification experts asking for a permanent list of unidentified pills. These drug imprints have been posted on our forum and/or other boards; to date identification of these pill imprints are 'unsolved mysteries'.

Everyone is invited to look over the list at 'Most Wanted' Imprints. If you have any ideas what the pills could be, what country they are from or what manufacturer, please post and help us out. Thanks for your help.

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The website has Forums to help people identify their medications and to discuss newly marketed pharmaceuticals. These sections are a public service, but it must be noted that the people who provide IDs or information about new (and old) drugs might not be medical professionals. is not responsible for any errors, omissions or falsehoods regarding drug information, including pill identification. All data pertaining to medicines and/or identification of pills should be confirmed by a licensed medical professional such as your doctor or pharmacist.

Updates at

This morning we've updated the software that powers to the newest version. 


We've added many pill imprints for citalopram (Celexa and generics) to our Imprints of Antidepressants.


Mission Statement is an educational resource with a simple goal - to help educate you about the medicines you and your loved ones are prescribed.

We believe everyone, everywhere is entitled to know everything about the medicine he/she is prescribed or found before it is ingested. Good enough - some of this information is freely available; but often some pill imprints are mysterious, cryptic and otherwise unavailable unless you are a professional organization with a large budget. This shouldn't be the case.

You, the consumer, are paying the bills. You are entitled to know everything about any medicine. Unfortunately most free information is available for the big brand-name meds only. You see the ads day in and day out on television, in print and on the internet - so you are familiar with these drugs.

What about the thousands of generics, some made by small manufacturers, that get no attention? What do these generics look like? What if your refill doesn't look the same as your last prescription? What do these pills do? What interactions can happen with the brand-name drug or generic equivalent? What new pills were approved by the FDA yesterday? What problems might be anticipated down the road?

We will help with pill identifications by imprint and give links to health topics.

Together we have the power to ensure medical knowledge and safety for everyone.

The team is comprised of individuals who have no medical or pharmaceutical credentials/experience other than personal experience. We do not offer or provide any medical advice.

We do provide an organized and comprehensive list of common pill imprints marketed in the USA. These lists are generated from public information available at Drugs@FDA and manufacturers’ websites. For all other topics regarding health, medicine and drugs, refers the consumer to credible and authoritative sources.

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