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I take 2 10MG (20MG) of extended release oxycodone pills twice daily for a chronic back condition.  I ran out last week, and a neighbor (a nurse) gave me 2 morphine pills.  Through your site I have identified them as 30 mg extended release pills (blueish green small round pill - "30" on one side, and e653 on the other). 


As it turns out, my pharmacy called about an hour later and told me of a different pharmacy that had my prescription in stock, so I didnt need to take the other pills.

My question is, in a pinch, if I am out of my regular prescription, are the 2 pills a comparable replacement? 

(I've read that the morphine are considered more addictive than the oxycodone; so I assume I should NOT ask my doctor to change my script?)  Will the side effects (driving ability, drowsiness, etc.)  be comparable?  Would alternating (provided my doctor agrees of course) between the two prescriptions on a monthly basis limit or increase the addictiveness?