Hydrocodone medication

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I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Is there a source to find out if imprints on pills must be the same on all pills. I'll explain. I received my script from pharmacy hydro 10/325. I looked at the pills. One side has 36 01, the other has a V. Another pill has 36 01 and it has the V on the other side but it is inverted. Can one batch of medicine have different pills?

Are they supposed to be the same? I am totally confused & would like to find out.





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This is most definitely a 10/325 hydro

I used to get these many many years ago back when the internet was a hoppin.  This pill is made by qualitest and the logo can sometimes be inverted like an upside down V.  This is a generic pill so I guess anything goes.  I used to get them and some of the pills would be just like that.  This is going back 15 years now so I guess nothing has changed in all that time....It's not a problem the pill is the exact same thing just an inverted logo or part of the logo.