just got a question about morphine and codeine

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Morphine and codeine

Correct, it is more like 30-odd mg morphine.
Have you tried to get the Indian brand VERMOR immediate release morphine sulphate 60mg? They are very inexpensive and extremely effective, though perhaps not quite up to the quality of SEVREDOL 50mg, the best IR morphine in the world (Napp/Mundipharma). Well worth it, and if you can persuade an Indian Pharmacy to supply you at double the Maximum Retail Price, which many will do, you will only be paying about £8 (US$12) per strip of ten! I have a pharmacy in Delhi that supplies me with the cheapest meds I ever had. Brand name VALIUM is only Rs.48.50 per strip, he sells to me for Rs.100 ($1.65) which is $165 per thousand, blistered and boxed. Never any Customs trouble and he sends by EMS.
I would consider dihydrocodeine as an in between strength drug, 1.5-2 x strength of codeine phosphate. DF118 Forte 40mg and DHC Continus 60/90/120mg are the best brands. Avoid Glaxo Smith Kline or anything from Asia - Thai dihydrocodeine is dreadful and it is not licenced anywhere else in Asia bar Hong Kong and (certainly until the latest drug legislation) Singapore.