Opioid pain patients- this is a must read.

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 Dear goat,I tend to agree with you in regaurds to a program for repeat offenders.Thank you!!! Have a Merry,painless Christmas!!! RD

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In Agreement with Goat

Goat is 100% correct regarding Narcan not be a long treatment course of action. All it does is reverse the opiates binding to the opiate receptors, thereby allowing the brain and heart and lungs to reawaken. I know Goat and I have both said, in the past, that Narcan is simply a tool that gives an addict a false sense of security.

Now, to post more in my regular tone; I wish the addicts had to pick up the tab for each vial administered to save their lives. My view is this: if the addict argues over paying 40 dollars for a life-saving shot of Narcan, is the life really worth saving? Also, I find it extremely curious that all of these addicts have money to purchase their H, yet never seem to have Narcan on them. Why don't the addicts carry Narcan? Because they don't have to when they know they can get the shot for free from a first responder. Instead of allocating that 40 dollars for life-saving treatment, they take that 40 dollars and buy some H, shoot it, freak out, and then get administered a dose of Narcan, free of charge. What is the addict out? Absolutely nothing, and this has to stop.

Sure, it's politically correct to sit up here and say "all lives deserve to be saved." Do they, really? My sister's boyfriend's cousin overdosed twice, in successive days. Both times, after the shot, he signed himself out of the ER pesumably to score again. This is the &*&? that is getting ridiculous.

I do believe in Narcan, in certain situations. Having trouble out of anesthesia? Hit them with Narcan. At the hospital and can't tolerate the opioid? Hit them with Narcan. However, when little Johnny gets brough into an abulance for the third time in one week, what good does hitting him with Narcan? How do we know these people are not purposefully trying to self destruct?

Also, why is it that when police show up and see someone severely intoxicated from H overdose, the patient does not get treateded the same as any other OWI/DWI or Public Intox case? If you are overdosed, and your are indeed intoxicated outside of your home; you have commited pubic intoxication! Why do these people never even receive a sumons to appear in court?

Some people will say jailing is not the answer, and I respect that. However, what good, in the long run, is anyone doing by continually saving someone's life that doesn't value their life? I am not saying let them die, but I am saying make them accountable for their choices. Pick up the needle in public, overdose, have the cops show up, you go to jail.Sure,they won' be comfortable for awhile, but maybe they will adopt a more sober lifestyle.Bandaging the same wound over and over does not make the wound heal any faster.