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I am a medical [filtered word] user, but I would like to know, is there a safe place to buy pain medication, like Vicodin, or Darvocet? Im nervous about using my credit card, and I dont want to pay outrageous amounts of $$.

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Hi Mdanzig,  We can't help

Hi Mdanzig, 

We can't help you here since discussion regarding online pharmacies is not allowed.

The only links permitted at are:

  • Drug manufacturers' sites
  • Authoritative medical sites
  • Authoritative drug identification sites
  • Educational sites
  • Non-profit/non-commercial homepages

Two educational websites that might be able to help you are:

Both websites are free online discussion boards that talk about domestic and international pharmacies (and many other topics).    Very educational - member feedback determines which online pharms are scams and which are legitimate.

Beware of sites that charge a monthly subscription for pharmacy info.  All you will receive for your money are outdated lists.

PharmacyWatchers.Com is upgrading to new servers and might be offline for a few days.  If the link doesn't work later, try its mirror site at DoctorandPharmacy.Com.