Is xanax being taken off of the market?

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Is it true, that they are taking 2mg xanax off of the market?

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Not sure

felton, I edited your comment so it will read more like a question. Please, with questions, address them as such in the subject field. There are a couple of posters who probably had a heart attack reading the header, and never read the content. Thank You.

I do not know if this is true, or where you heard this. A good place to start would be, or

If Sonic is reading this- Sonic Do Not Freak Out, Please. Give me one second, and I will look something up. If there is any truth to this rumor, there has to be some sort of solid reasoning behind it. Right now, I am very much in doubt a drug as old as Xanax is being discontinued.

Update: After a quick search at, I see nothing that lists Xanax, more specifically, Xanax 2mg, being discontinued

felton- where did you hear this information? I find it odd that 2mg tablets would be d/c'd, but the 3mg tablets would still be manufactured.

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There have been no noticifcations sent out to health care providers from the FDA. This is such a widely used medication, if it was being removed from the market, it would also hit the lay press pretty quickly, and that has had nothing on the subject.

It sounds like just another one of the many "the ski is falling" rumors.


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I agree with Celtic

I agree with Celtic (SHOCKER!)  This would be like saying, "well, our army now has the weapons to only kill the bad guys...but still.. lets just use our dumb bombs".    (welll, we dd kinda do that a little, WE'RE LIMITING OUR ARMAMENTARIUM, is my point.  haha

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YellI was told by my PA that Xanax was being taken off the market. Is this true? Please help

Thank you! 

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Not true.