LPH Labormed 'Az1' alprazolam 1mg tablets

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@acey, I came across this image you submitted to the 'foreign' section of the image banks; this LPH alprazolam 1mg is probably about the cheapest (check out the Romanian domestic online pharmacy MEDIMFARM - you'll find that the FULL price, before discount with the EHIC which reduces cost by over 85%) alp in Europe. Last I looked it cost Lei 6.40 per box of <30>, equivalent in GBP £1.22. With the discount, I paid, for a 90 day supply <540>, the equivalent of EIGHTEEN EUROS!

Now LPH's bromazepam and medazepam are absolutely DIRE and on no account should be asked for or bought whilst in Romania. Rudotel isn't available there but ANSILAN capsules are; the cost of Roche LEXOTAN is cheap as chips but they don't sell 6 or 12mg tabs there, you have to buy your bromazepam in Belgium, where it is one of the cheapest benzos; 12mg tabs are around €12 full price per <50> and ALL generics are half that cost. LPH nitrazepam is respectable, but this alprazolam is staggeringly potent for such a cheap tablet, and well worth buying in 45 day supply along with the very cheap original Pfizer tablets, or even better to my mind, Egis FRONTIN in same quantity. I had been told about these Az1 tabs before turning up in Cluj, Romania, where I had business at the Bunes Medical Institute. I took full advantage of the local doctors and pharmacies. I used a chain called 'iFarm' in Cluj, and on arrival in Bucuresti, the Capital, found an English speaking doctor for the cheapest 0xyC0ntin - unfortunately their highest available dosage unit is 80mg, the purples (120mg) aren't available in Romania so had to mix 80s and 40s.

If I were to be 100% honest I would say that, better than XANAX is Egis (Hungarian firm with new factory in Romania) FRONTIN. Their 1mg 'E313' tablet - 2mg are also not available in Romania - is probably the best 1mg alprazolam I have encountered anywhere. Anybody here have any experience with Frontin who can verify my personal experience??

Hungary is also cheap and excellent for proprietary brands by the likes of Roche (my essential RIVOTRIL 2mg) and Pfizer (many excellent brands of many excellent meds) as well as some by the famous Hungarian manufacturers such as Egis and their oldest Pharma firm GEDEON RICHTER are worth checking out if in the area. Dependent on your normal residence, eg if in an EU country,  you are permitted a 90 day supply of each med to cover a 90 day stay and another 90 day supply to take home if your own Customs permits - otherwise simply mail home with stealth, carrying only a few weeks' supply with you. Richter's diazepam is very good but not up to the standard of Romania's TERAPIA ('Therapy') firm, whose diazepam is IMO the finest one can possible get from any pharmacy anywhere, KRKA of Slovenia being next best with APAURIN; their 5mg green tabs which look a bit like green M&Ms seem like 7.5mg to me, and the 10mg are well enough known by anyone who uses IOPs. Cebtral and East Europe have always made the best benzodiazepines, but the sheer value for money of the ones which may be seen at the location at the beginning of this post is amazing. In Communist days, people here in the UK would pay small fortunes for bulk of the best meds made by Terapia, Labormed (both of which were then State Pharma Companies, Ranbaxy have since bought a controlling interest in Terapia), and Richter products. Very hard to obtain but an absolutely wonderful feeling when achieved!

Anyone looking for what are probably the best value alprazolam made would not have to look any further than 'Az1' LPH Labormed alprazolam. If they are able to make and sell alprazolam 1mg for such a price and obviously make a lot of money doing so begs the question; why are so many highly inferior alps sold at such high cost? One of the poorest I ever had was the American 2mg by Sandoz, Imprint 'GG249', yet I believe they are the most-dispensed 2mg alprazolam in the USA, Xanax being priced so highly that it's only the rich who can afford them. TIP: Greenstone bars embossed 'G3722' and their lower strengths  blue 1mg '3721', 500mcg '3720' are in fact XANAX brand, merely with different imprint. Pfizer own Greenstone and their alprazolam, if you look at the Patient Information Leaflet, is ABSOLUTELY identical. Check the list of ingredients and you will see that all are exactly the same API and excipients in the same percentage as brand. They are made on the same production line and simply embossed with different punch dies.

Here in the UK, my analgesic is the original, made by Bard of Cambridge, the patent holder (USA Purdue) for Europe, brand distributed by NAPP and Mundipharma. To get around the NHS policy of dispensing only the cheapest generic, which has led to the withdrawal of many brands, notably my Roche Rivotril clonazepam 2mg, which I  must now buy in Belgium as the Auden generic is garbage, Bard linked up with Qdem and put 'LONGTEC' on the market, which, even down to the imprints - obverse '0C' and reverse 'strength' (however Longtec do not provide 15, 30, 60 or 120mg, for which one must be dispensed proprietary brand) thus keeping the original on the market.

LABORMED LPH ALPRAZOLAM MUST REPRESENT THE BEST VALUE OF ANY ALP SOLD IN ANY COUNTRY.  FOR THE COST, ONE MAY EXPECT THE RUBBISH COMING OUT OF PLACES SUCH AS PAKISTAN, BUT NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. AND A LITTLE COGITATION UPON WHY SO MANY BRANDS COST SO MUCH WOULD BE GOOD FOR THE MIND! The quality of such a cheap tablet certainly staggered me. Then again, if you come across any websites which sell 99%+ alprazolam powder, you can easily see how even at LPH prices, a huge profit margin is easily made; consider the cost of the powder to the consumer/manufacturer of tablets and filter in the margins being made by the powder manufacturing facility, and the cheapness of higher quantities such as a Kilogram, and you will see that alprazolam is, along with bromazepam, nitrazepam and flunitrazepam, as well as the very well-known cheap DIAZEPAM, one of the cheapest of the benzodiazepines.

By the way, Acey - how did you find those tablets to be compared with the average generic alprazolam?  I am always told by Americans who have had to buy meds on a European holiday that they can hardly believe the cost of meds and the potency compared with American generics. I meet a lot of US tourists as I live close to Edinburgh, whose International Festival is the largest and supposedly finest anywhere in the world. It sure attracts enough people - the population more than doubles during the month of August each year!

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USA replies

I Do admire your consumption and admire your galentry in obtaining your medications.However we here in the United States cant even get close to this form of dCooloctor shopping.I am not saying anything negetive but I do admire and respect your guts and glory in regaurds to the percurement of said meds.But please understand we are at war here.    a drug war and some of us including me are on the side of obtaing drugs not fighting them!!!    Drugs that reduce our chronic pain.We are taking "flack"for all the H users and abusers.  We must get what the doctors perscribe us pain patients and seldom get what we need or deserve,so when you inform us of the great ammounts you obtain,please keep in mind we do not get anything close to the ammount you do!!!    Keep on tucking and all the best but please keep it at the forfront of your mind of all of us who sometimes have to beg and or crwal to get our perscriptions.Peace,RD