My May 17, 2017 image, Alprazolam 1mg by KRKA-EU

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I feel I should apologise for an omission in my usually quite comprehensive notes which accompany the images I contribute, mainly to "CONTRIB" image bank.

The brand-name of these light blue, slightly speckled and top quality alprazolam 1mg tablets WHEN MADE AT THE RELATIVELY NEW BEOGRAD FACTORY is simply "Alprazolam-KRKA" - when made and distributed from the original factory in the town of Krka in neighbouring Slovenia (new factory was essential financially if the company's products were to retain their huge sales in the far larger Republic of Srbija - including APAURIN, one of the highest quality diazepams (the green 5mg are legendary, feeling to many more like 7, 5mg!) in Europe and likewise for bromazepam, LEXAURIN (3 & 6mg only, no 12mg tabs) since Slovenia became a member of the now-28 member European Union) - as I was saying, when actually made and boxed in Krka itself, the tablets are branded as "HELEX" ( ХЕЛЕКС).

 An omission I rarely make. Apologies.


A company, which should remain nameless, even though I know full well who they are, but who have no Manufacturing Authorisation or Licence for Production of Barbituric Acid Derivatives and remain themselves nameless and sell THESE only through "Dark Net Markets" under an assumed identity, despite being known as a licit drug manufacturer and distributor, are selling the old 'Yellowjacket' short-acting hypnotic barbiturate in its original livery and 50mg strength - NEMBUTAL - the name is apparently no longer claimed in the UK as Intellectual Property, so they advertise their product, which is quite up to the standards of their current portfolio, as such; pricing is as one might expect for an illicit barbiturate of that potency and in line with the price charged to the NHS when Nembutal capsules were freely available on Rx back in the 1970s (can anybody confirm when they were withdrawn in the UK, leaving Seconal, Sodium Amytal, Soneryl and Tuinal as the only barbiturate hypnotics before they, in turn, were withdrawn, leaving Phenobarbital 30/60/90mg as the only barb, indicated only for control of epilepsy and other seizures? I maintain that Nembutal were available until a few years AFTER withdrawal of methaqualone products in 1984, both Quaalude and the infinitely more popular MANDRAX. Say, 1986/7?)

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GAUCHO (THE GAUCHOAMIGO of so many forums and blogs dating back to 1998...)

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No need to apologies, Gaucho.

No need to apologize, Gaucho. We all do it from time to time. I have come to think of your detailed notes as a luxury to have, versus something I think has to be there.