Wellcome H7A

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White, Round, Scored tablet. Imprint: Wellcome H7A . Posted for member Freddie Baby. 

Per Freddie Baby's picture post, the poster states that he/she has found 2 sites that say this is Acetaminophen, but his resources were sketchy at best.

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Yes, this is a 500mg acetaminophen tablet, had a brandname beginning with 'D' - been off the market for some time, and was a Wellcome International pill sold mostly in Central America. Surprised this has been found, as it has not been made for at least 15 years!

Freddie Baby
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Re: H7A

Would the 'D' word be Dolotemp?  That is what I had found in the only two web references about this tablet.  BTW, thanks for responding to my query.