Round tan 40

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Hi, I've searched everywhere and used all the Pill ID websites, haven't been able to find this one. I found an image of it on google but no attached information, thanks for the help!

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Yellow/tan tablet, 40 (mg?) NOT embossed but printed...

Could these be oxycodone hydrochloride by any chance? I too have searched my huge database and found no such tablet in any country of Europe, the Americas, Indian Subcontinent or the Far East incl. Japan...

It might be an idea to buy a set of "EZ TEST KITS" which include all reagents for identification (and in some cases potency) of several types of drug, mostly those deemed to have a recreational value. Cheapest to buy from their own website.

Alternatively, will test any tablet or substance sent to them, but for anything NOT sold as MDMA, the charge can be off-putting, though that does not prevent many people sending in suspected fake Xanax, methaqualone (mainly Mandrax obtained from either South Africa or Canada) & much more - for detailed information see the site itself.

EZ tests require you to use PRECISELY 20mg of materiel - whether powder or scraped tablet - for accurate results. I swear by them for ID of opioids and their alkaloid contents. I give their 'potency' figures - obtained by the ancient method of colour chart - a +/- 5% leeway as the colour charts are rather accurately reproduced on the pack inserts. Possibly the best home testing kits available on the market right now.


Gaucho has no connection with EZ or any associated company. He just likes their products!

Incidentally, I notice that this is 'AllrightThen's very first post here at pharmer. May I take the opportunity to welcome him/her to our nice little community here, and hope you make some friends here, as I have over the years! WELCOME FRIEND!

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I'll be honest; If Gaucho

I'll be honest; If Gaucho can't ID this obscure imprint I'm not sure any of us can. 

Welcome to, and give it time. 

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round tan 40 but only for embossed numbers or letters

The round tan 40 pill should be a Oxycontin 40mg extended release,the determing factor is if it says OP on the other side.Now if this is an old generic it will say OC on back.In 2010 the forces that be had to reformulate the entire Oxycontin time release line and OP which stands for Purdue was all that remained except for a few generics which were the OCs.I of course I took the 40mgs from 2009 till 2011 and when the price (with a discount card) went from       $ 24.00   to    $ 499.00... I stayed onboard but alas my alimony and other things like food and shelter forbade me from obtaining them and was switched to Morphine 60s and Oxycodone 15mgs for break through pain.The only thing i can surmise is that this may be a bad generic try,and is not any good anyway as it looks old and tired(like I look)So best keep it just untill you can dispose of it properly(any kids around flush it right off)  Peace,RD


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Looks like Tecta (pantoprazole magnesium) to me!


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Thank you for providing a

Thank you for providing a picture to go along with the ID. It is definitely harder to ID a medicine that does not have a manufacturer imprint anywhere on it, as "40" is just too vague of a descriptor to go on.