What's 36 01 V??

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Do you have an image?I don't think i've ever seen one.

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if you go to google images

if you go to google images and type in dicodid you'll get a bunch of pics, I'd post some but many come from online retailers. 

cut and paste this entire link into your browswer and it may pull up a bunch


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It is my theory that Gaucho

It is my theory that Gaucho is either CIA,FBI,KGB,MI5 or some other kind of secret inteligence operative. This guy is all over the world, freely traveling in and out of every country and purchasing medications from places such as south america, israel, pakistan,india,germany (where dicodid is manufactured by Knoll Deutschland, Ludwigshafen ),us,canada,uk and several other asian countries. Supposedly you can still get Dicodid in a few countries other than  Germany, those possibly being Norway,Sweden,the other Scandinavian ones,Belgium, and maybe Spain. You cant get it in the UK, Canada, or the US.

FYI according the European Drug Index it is available in 5mg and 10mg Tablets, but also a 15mg Ampule for Injection. I found that very interesting, that they have an injectable version.

Sorry for getting way off topic, reguarding the Op's question about Norco.

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according to a post I read

according to a post I read from gaucho(?) he is in Germany. as everyone has said paracetamol is just acetaminophen/tylenol, while dicodid is another from of hydrocodone. where G is from you can get hydrocodone pure without acetaminophen added, thus the dicodid.

Gaucho, I must point out as I am sure you have learned by now hydrocodone or dicodid is not available pure without acetaminophen in the US. Most of the posters on here are in the US, although we still welcome you, and your perspectives from another country.

The OP's pill is actually the strongest mass produced hydrocodone product (10mg) with one of the lowest preparations of acetaminophen (325mg) besides zydone (10/300). It is my understanding that although a company calls their pill Norco, most hydrocodone/tylenol preparations with 325mg of tylenol is usually referred to as Norco, correct?

I'm a social worker, not a medical professional. All comments and thoughts are simply my opinion and experience.

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Actually one of you was spot on.

I am located in the UK.

God, I HATE that description. I'm from SCOTLAND and proud of it.

"NEVER ingest anything unless you are 100% sure what it is."

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vicodin and norrco

Actually yes both of them are the same drug. Different manufaturers but the same drug. Norrco is a brand name as is Vicodin. The only difference is that one has 500 mg of acetiminiphen*vicodin( and one only has 325.  norrco 10/325....Anyone who needs a pill book to identify a pill for self purpose most likely has a drug problem of sorts. And as it was stated here, never take a pill not meant for you.  

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with out acetomeniphen

Actually you can get it with out now. Actually for the last 8 years. It is only perscribed for people with hepititis and other liver diseases. Mainly because the liver cannot properly digest it.

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They both have the same

They both have the same active ingredient, Yes. You can have it compounded without APAP by MD's orders, it is not mass produced without APAP but may be in the future with the way the FDA is talking about APAP. As someone with chronic health issues taking about 20 different meds which get changed around very frequently, I need a pill book and my health is my only problem. All parents should keep a pill ID book for safety reasons IMHO. We all have some sort of "problem" or we wouldn't of stumbled on this forum again IMHO.

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What is this pills strength?

When you Google this pill you can see what's in it all over the place (10/325, etc...). Does anyone know what type of vicodin dose it is comparable to? I.e. 500? 1000?


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not sure what you ask about it?

Vintage/Qualitest's generic version of NORCO made by Watson. 10mg of hydro, 325mg apap.


what about it? please/thanks